What is Office 365?

office365-250At Pachyderm we toss around the term “Office365” (or simply “365” if you’re into the brevity thing) with reckless abandon. But what is Office365? Well, it all started around 2008 with a product called Microsoft BPOS which ostensibly stood for “business productivity online suite” but it only took a small amount of creativity to realize that BPOS was one of the worst product names since the Chevy Nova. BPOS was renamed Office 365 in 2011 and regardless of the name, it essentially means subscription based software and cloud based services.

Since the early days of 365, the core component has been a cloud based version of Microsoft’s immensely popular email server known as “Exchange”. Today 365 includes many other products: SharePoint for collaboration, Lync for instant messaging (soon to be renamed “Skype for Business”), OneDrive as a cloud based file storage, and lastly, Yammer for social collaboration.

With the popularity of Office365’s leasing model, Microsoft continued to add additional products that were traditionally installed on your desktop. So today you can pay by the month for the ubiquitous Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), as well as, some niche programs such as Project and Visio.

And while the suite of products that collectively comprise Office365 continues to expand, the promise of 365 is still the same: Microsoft will lease to you critical business applications in a manner that is easy to install, always upgraded, and almost always at a lower cost than what it would cost to purchase the software outright.

At Pachyderm we are big fans of the leasing model for software, but take issue with the confusing array of plans. Fortunately your friendly Pachyderm can help you navigate the maze of products and make sure get just what you need-and not more- and with the appropriate not-for-profit discounts.

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Steve Boxer
Steve Boxer

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