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If you happen to be looking for something different on HBOGo we recommend you check out “An Apology to the Elephants“. This Lily Tomlin produced and narrated documentary is well worth your time. Sure there are the obligatory (and important) reminders of how humans have made life miserable for the Elephants with an emphasis on the curse of becoming a circus elephant. However, at its best, Apology is a beautiful and succinct (it is only 40 minutes) and moving look at what the movie calls the last, great, majestic animals on earth.

An Apology is also viewable here and is a great movie to show the kids as long as they are able to deal with a few minutes of animal cruelty and a few seconds show Thomas Edison electrocuting Topsy the Circus Elephant to demonstrate the danger of AC current.

The real beauty in watching “An Apology to the Elephants” is the knowledge that since the movie was released, Ringling Brother Circus has discontinued the use Elephants its circus. Now if they would just do something about those freakish clowns….

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Steve Boxer
Steve Boxer

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