Break away from having to rely on multiple backup products with the simplicity of the TrunkSpace backup system.


The TrunkBox acts as a large external hard drive for quick local backups and recoveries. It also uploads those backups to secure online storage for safekeeping in case of disaster.

TrunkSpace Service

The TrunkSpace Service provides the ability to create instant virtual versions of your backed-up servers both locally via the TrunkBox and in the cloud via offsite storage. After every backup, the TrunkSpace software loads the backup to verify it is working and provides a screenshot of the virtual server running.

With TrunkSpace, not only is your data kept safe, but it remains instantly accessible. In fact, we can even create instant virtual versions of your backed-up computers and set them up for your users to access as if it were still on your network. So no matter what the disaster, your servers can be up and running in minutes instead of days.