We work with a number of email hosting providers to provide the right cloud email solution for your business. Whether you want simple mailboxes or the full enterprise experience, we will find the right match, migrate your existing mail, and provide the maintenance and support you need.

Hosted email delivers big benefits:


Along with cost savings comes predictable, per-mailbox pricing that lets you buy what you need now and accommodate business growth. There is also less maintenance when it comes to implementing upgrades.


Hosted email saves an average of three days of downtime per year, helping to avoid companywide disruptions in productivity. Reliability helps ensure that your organization will have the ability to withstand natural disasters or power outages. Additionally, all of your information on a hosted email server is synchronized across your many mobile devices in near real-time.


Hosted email services have built-in defenses against viruses, spam, and phishing attacks.


You have the option to manage large mailboxes AND meet your storage and compliance demands.

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