Pachyderm Consulting LLC was founded in 1997 by Steve Boxer with the desire to get away from the mundane world of IT employment and enter the glamourous world of IT consulting. Since then he has collected a rag-tag band of like-minded computer and networking savants to provide IT solutions and support services for small and medium-sized businesses around the New York City area.

Our mission is to help businesses fully realize the benefits of Information Technology by delivering personalized, cost-effective IT solutions and rapid, human tech support. Whether you have a handful of local computers or many across multiple locations, we can help make sure your network does what your business needs it to do.

The Crew

boxerSteve Boxer

Steve founded Pachyderm Consulting in 1997 to fufill his childhood dream of one day heading a boutique systems integration firm in NYC. When not working, he likes to garden and play guitar. He also never stops talking about Neil Young, whom most of the young Pachyderms think was the quarterback of the ’49ers in the 1970s or something.   Read more >>

porterChristy Porter

Christy hails from sunny California, where she gets up really really early in the morning to provide Pachyderm Consulting both logistic and office administration services. Other than the Boss, she has been with Pachyderm the longest, since 1999. When not working, Christy is playing soccer or restoring her 1924 home.

plaisancePatrick Plaisance

Patrick originates from New Orleans and is our rarely-ragin’ cajun. He’s been a Pachyderm since 2003, although during Mardi Gras he belongs to no man. As Senior Technician, he’s our encyclopedia of IT knowlege and also the guy who always finds the best deals on the internet for stuff we don’t really need. If nobody is answering his phone it means he’s gone fishin’.

dakheSteve Dakhe

Steve is our Russian bear. This former Moscovite has been with Pachyderm since 2003 as the go-to guy for on-site computer repairs and Vodka supplies. He is also a medal-winning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter who trains with Ultimate Fighting legends, so we don’t say anything bad about him on the internet. He is also definitely not in the Russian mafia, ok?

Chris Daly

Like all truly remarkable human beings, Chris comes from Staten Island. He’s been with Pachyderm since 2006 providing quality tech support and pub trivia anchor duties. In between support calls he is most likely to be demoing cheap gadgets he’s purchased off the internet.